Miguel Alexandro Guzman


  • Miguel-Alexandro-Guzman

Miguel’s always wanted to own a business but wasn’t sure if he had the talent to be successful.  As an employee at his friend’s shop, Miguel learned everything needed about tires and became closer to obtaining his goal; working at his friend’s business gave him the confidence needed to be self-employed.

G. Tire Shop offers customers tire-changing services, air checks, tire sales and other tire-related maintenance.  Miguel says his business differs from other tire shops because he offers faster quality service at better prices.

After an online search introduced Miguel to Liftfund, he inquired about the organization and proceeded to apply for a loan.  Once approved, he used the loan to purchase a tire changer and air compression machine and become an entrepreneur almost instantaneously.

Miguel says the LiftFund loan allowed his business to open sooner.  Without it, he says it would have taken almost three months longer to offer his services to the community. But instead, in May 2013, Miguel left his friend’s business to open his own tire shop and is now optimistic about the future of his business.